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About us:

IIS Alessandro Volta is a Technological High School located in Frosinone, an industrial and commercial town at the south of Rome.

The Institute is the result of two educational institutions, the State Technical Institute (ITIS) “A. Volta” and the Technical Institute for social Activities (ITAS) with the two addresses Biological and International relations for Marketing. The merger of the two schools has allowed us to develop our educational aims in both sectors, administrative and educational and in the scientific and information technology by configuring the institute as a cutting-edge school.

The curriculum provides for a joint two-year and three years of specialization:

  • MATERIAL and CHEMICAL BIOTECHNOLOGY (with three joints: Chemistry and Materials, Environmental Biotechnology, Healthcare Biotechnology)


The mission of the school is to contribute to students’ education and training to scientific fields, international finance and marketing and to technological, organizational innovations needed to achieve a complete and efficient competence in scientific, technical and economic subjects.

The focus of the school is on providing good-quality standards in demanding subjects such as: chemistry, biology, mechanics, electronics, informatics, finance and marketing to create pupils that could become technicians and experts in languages and trade.


IIS Alessandro Volta aims at playing a leading role in research and education as well as technological and economic fields to become a real and solid opportunity for all those students who want to acquire a good-quality knowledge, lifelong learning and training.

The school pays particular attention to its relationship with the territory so as to contribute to improving the future perspectives for cooperation with firms and institutions living and operating here.


The Institute offers to users the following facilities:

  • videoconference classroom equipped with a large screen with video projector, sound system for conferences and multimedia presentations
  • an indoor gym
  • an open field, volleyball and soccer
  • a digital environment “Learning by Doing”
  • three multimedia laboratories aimed at specialist computer science
  • two electrical laboratories equipped with computer work stations
  • an electronics lab with PCs and multimedia projector
  • two mechanical laboratories equipped with machine tools (including Cad-Cam machine) and pneumatic systems
  • a chemistry lab for the first two years with computer station
  • two chemical laboratories for the three years of specialization
  • a microbiology laboratory
  • a microscopy / physiology laboratory
  • four multimedia language laboratories
  • a drawing and design lab equipped with PC workstations and CAD programs
  • technical drawing classroom
  • classrooms equipped with wireless network connections and LIM
  • a computer center, equipped with twelve servers, which control and provide services to different subnets institution needed to connect, in an advanced network which, to date, includes more than five hundred personal computers
  • wired and wireless internet access controlled, available for all the computers in the Institute
  • photocopy service with personal card, can also be used by students
  • Bar service

In addition, all Offices for Public Relations are equipped with modern computer systems with internet/intranet connection and certified mail.


Each course, at the end of the five years of study, allows students to subscribe successfully to every university faculty, to attend higher course of specialization, to integrate to the world of work.

For specialization in Chemistry and Materials employment opportunities are:

  • Technical industrial laboratories
  • Private hospitals
  • Technician for quality control in the chemical and biological companies
  • Technical laboratories for technological innovation and quality control of chemical industries, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics
  • Operator in scientific investigation laboratories (Ris, Scientific Police)

For the specialization Environmental Biotechnology career opportunities are:

  • Lab Technician for environmental control
  • Officer to quality control in the chemical biological companies
  • Operator in laboratories related to the study of ‘ environmental impact of facilities and related polluting emissions

For specialization Healthcare Biotechnologies career opportunities are:

  • Laboratory Technician in Analysis and Research areas
  • Operator at organic farms, food, chemical industries
  • Technician to control the quality of goods

For the specialization in Electronics, career opportunities are:

  • Designer of electrical distribution panels and control LV
  • Designer of civil and industrial installations
  • Programmers PLC in civil and industrial systems
  • Designer high level of automation systems and home automation
  • Collaborates in maintaining the security of the workplace and environmental protection

For the IT and telecommunications specialist, career opportunities are:

  • Technician specializing in the installation and maintenance of hardware and software
  • Technician specializing in the production and development of new software applications and network software
  • Technician specialized in the production, installation and management of Web sites on both public and private servers
  • Specialist in telecommunications networks and cabling networks in public and private buildings

For the specialization Mechanics Mechatronics, career opportunities are:

  • Plans, designs, manufactures and tests mechanical and electromechanical systems
  • Dimensions, installs and maintains industrial systems
  • Programmers PLC in civil and industrial installations

For the specialization International Relations for marketing, career opportunities are:

  • Director and administrator in public and / or private companies, employed in banks and insurance companies
  • trading operator with foreign countries within organizations or companies
  • Operator of international marketing
  • Technical industrial and commercial management in the import / export sector of companies


IIS Alessandro Volta is in Viale Roma – 03100 Frosinone FR)

– The Institute is easily reacheable by train from Rome –

Tel. 0775 251511 – Fax 0775 251393
e-mail: fris01800e@istruzione.it – PEC: fris01800e@pec.istruzione.it